Amanda Dennis


Amanda Dennis

Amanda Dennis, M.S., is a Transformational Educator, “Freedom” Therapist, Workshop and Retreat Facilitator, the Producer/Host of the online television show, PeleMa TV, YouTube Channel, Revealing Paradise, and radio show, Sacred Commerce.

Formerly the business owner of a multimillion dollar company in New York City, Amanda took a massive leap to create a life with her family that felt more in alignment with the calling of her heart. She and her husband quit their lucrative corporate careers, sold or gave away everything they owned, and started anew on the Big Island of Hawaii. After moving they quickly realized that they could not create peace, harmony, balance and a sense of community in their lives by simply changing geography – and thus began an intense yet beautifully rewarding inward journey. She now uses her experiences in navigating a heart-based life path to help others gracefully move into uncharted territory in their own lives.

Amanda is a powerful speaker, heart-felt writer, and “bridger” for those interested in transcending the paradigm of fear to create “paradise” in their lives and on this planet. Amanda has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and is certified in Plant Based Nutrition. She is married to Jason Dennis and is the mother of two daughters (ages 5 and 2). She currently resides on Maui.

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