Dr. Michael Fenster


Dr. Michael Fenster

Dr. Mike, The Grassroots Gourmet™, Putting The Pleasure Into Healthy Eating

Meet Dr. Michael Fenster; interventional cardiologist, martial artist, author and professional chef. By combining his medical expertise and culinary talents with an Asian infused philosophy of harmony and well-being; Dr. Mike is leading a revolution for eating well and living better. Dr. Mike’s unique culinary philosophy is designed to navigate the chasm between over indulgence and deprivation. His inimitable understanding of our physiology, how it evolved and assured our survival as a species is coupled with his insight into how food pathways have changed since the Industrial Revolution. He understands how we are hardwired to respond to “quick fix” fast food; foods loaded with too much refined sugar, salt and fat. He knows firsthand, as only a physician can, the perils of these excesses and the dangers of our inherent weaknesses being manipulated by industry. Yet he knows that the alternative of a strict, tasteless calorie driven approach to diet of denial is destined to fail; for not only is there no joy, but there is no salvation in the path of deprivation. The fallacy of the calorie is that it ignores quality in food choices; perhaps our most important and neglected culinary component.

Dr. Mike’s commentaries, recipes and tips guide us to put the flavor back into our food and the joy back into our lives. His Grassroots Gourmet™ philosophy steers us out of these extremes we constantly bounce between, restoring the pleasure of body and soul in gastronomic harmony. His approach emphasizing quality ingredient choices, tastes and textures restores our palate and our health.

“As a physician, I believe in the centuries old wisdom of Hippocrates: ‘Let thy medicine be thy food, and thy food be thy medicine.’ However, as a chef I know that if food does not taste good then it is only medicine.”

Dr. Mike was born with an innate love of food which was nourished growing up by such experiences as watching Julia Child and Graham Kerr with his Mom; as well as shopping locally for fresh, wholesome ingredients. He entered the professional kitchen in college, working his way up from dishwasher to executive chef while in school. A certified wine professional, he later earned his culinary degree from Ashworth University. He has managed an award winning restaurant and hosted the local cable TV cooking show, “What’s Cookin’ with Doc.? His recipes have been published throughout the U.S. and he has demonstrated his entertaining cooking style and radically pleasing approach to food on various nationally syndicated television programs such as Daytime TV and The Daily Buzz, among many others. His recent headlining at The Florida Blueberry Festival, “Just What the Doctor Ordered-Live From the Florida Blueberry Festival” in 2013 was shown worldwide via a live web simulcast. He has been interviewed on both national and international radio programs including Martha Stewart’s XM radio network, and is a regular on the national radio program, The Josh Tolley Show. His thought provoking articles and commentary have been regularly featured in The Atlantic Magazine and in the Basil Magazine and the Tampa Tribune, where he served as a columnist. He currently serves the same role writing about food, health and wellness at Luxuria Lifestyles, an international lifestyles magazine. He was invited faculty at the 2012 American Culinary Federation national convention where he gave several lectures as well as a book signing. He will be teaching to culinary educators and professionals once again in Crete in 2014 as invited faculty as part of The Field to Plate series.

As a physician, Dr. Mike is a Board Certified Interventional Cardiologist, who has participated in numerous clinical trials and spoken nationally on a variety of cardiovascular topics to audiences ranging from lay public to medical professionals. He has made presentations at organizations such as the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology at national meetings. Dr. Mike is frequently asked for his medical opinions from peer groups and has served on the medical advisory board for a number of organizations. He has been noted for his original contributions as well as for the clinical research trials he participated in; all of which have appeared in peer reviewed scientific and medical journals. He served as an Assistant Professor of Medicine at North East Ohio University College of Medicine (NEOUCOM) and graduated summa cum laude from Auburn University’s Physician’s Executive MBA program.

Dr. Mike is frequently asked to lecture on food, health and wellness, present live cooking demonstrations or both! He is in demand as a health and food expert on both the national and international stage; appearing frequently on TV and radio shows. His book; “Eating Well, Living Better: The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food? was published in 2012 (Rowman and Littlefield). Dr. Mike is currently taping episodes for a new television show called “Cooking from the Heart,” with international fitness expert and celebrity, Forbes Riley.

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